Winning Attitude: Attributes of Success

What does it take to be Successful?

Publication Date: August 2016

This white paper examines a Winning Attitude According to Olympians, CEOs, Founder Entrepreneurs and Media Personalities.

Research suggests that there are many characteristics that contribute to an individual making it to the top of their sport or industry. Less information exists about the critical elements that make the real difference and catapult people to the dizzy heights of the Olympics, Global Business or West End success. Here, success means a person being at the top of their game, achieving significant results and being championed by others as a Winner; a success that others only aspire to achieve.

In this research, we have worked to understand the ingredients that make up a Winning Attitude. Our 20 years of working in the talent arena have shown that while many of us are talented and have strengths that help us to succeed, real success requires more than just talent.

In order to discover the key ingredients to success, we interviewed 42 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Presidents, Founder-Entrepreneurs, Sports Stars, Olympians and Media personalities including Mark Foster, Olympic Swimmer, Ruthie Henshall, Broadway Star, and Jacqueline Gold CBE, CEO of Ann Summers, who shared their mindset and motivations to overcoming adversity and becoming champions in their field. This research paper articulates the attributes of a Winning Attitude and provides real examples from our interviewees.

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