Mindfulness and Decision Making

How does mindfulness contribute to successful decision-making?

Publication Date: February 2023

Effective and high-quality decision-making is critical for commercial, team and business success. The level of quality in decision-making impacts the success and failure of any business. The role of the leader is of great interest when it comes to researching decision-making. For effective, clear and concise decision-making, we need to understand how and why decisions are made.

Raising self-awareness around how an individual makes decisions and how to improve their decision-making is key to developing an individual's performance and impact. But where does mindfulness come into this? After a robust assessment of key decision-makers by using the BeTalent Decision Styles tool, decision-making styles of those with established daily mindfulness practice were compared to those without. Results suggested those who practice mindfulness were more open-minded and agile when being faced with decision-making. An open-minded approach is more agile and considered when hearing alternate perspectives, without getting overwhelmed by the multiple views and opinions.

Identifying personal decision styles and attitudes toward perceived risks will allow for enabling an open-minded approach. Practicing mindfulness and developing an open-minded approach to decision-making will allow ambiguous situations and multiple alternatives to be much less daunting - something that is of benefit in the volatile, uncertain world that we live in.

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Jilly Calder
Senior Vice President HR UK & Europe : AtkinsRéalis

Dr. Amanda Potter is an exceptional leadership development consultant, experienced workshop facilitator, and a dynamic public speaker. Her impact on organizations is profound, and I am delighted to share my testimonial based on her work with our UK&E regional leadership team at AtkinsRealis. As a workshop facilitator, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. Her engaging workshops on team building, wellbeing, resilience, and decision-making have left a lasting impression on our team members. Amanda’s ability to blend psychology and neuroscience with real-world examples ensures that participants gain actionable strategies to enhance their performance. In her role as an advisor, Amanda’s guidance has been invaluable. She combines her expertise in organizational psychology with a deep understanding of business dynamics, helping our leadership team navigate complex challenges. Her advice is grounded in rigorous research and delivered with warmth and clarity. Amanda’s public speaking is truly engaging. Whether addressing large audiences or intimate gatherings, she shares compelling insights on topics such as psychological safety, self-belief, and high-performing teams. Her charisma, authenticity and credibility make her a sought-after keynote speaker. Amanda’s commitment to excellence, combined with her passion for empowering people, sets her apart. We are fortunate to have worked with Amanda, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any organization seeking transformative talent management solutions.


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