Future of Talent Management

What are the optimum approaches to talent management?

Publication Date: May 2012

Today more than ever before, keeping the business approach to ‘talent’ simple is a fundamental driver for organisations. However, research has identified that whilst many organisations have a talent strategy in place, very few organisations effectively communicate this to their business leaders. As a result, it is often that leaders feel unclear about what their organisation means by ‘talent’, let alone a ‘talent strategy’.

Here, we understand that much of this uncertainty results from poor communication across the organisation, meaning that organisations fail to embed talent into the mindset of the workforce, resulting in a lack of employee buy-in. As a result, this research seeks to develop a greater understanding of how organisations approach talent management and whether they effectively define, communicate and apply a strategy across the organisation. Arguably, it is through effective communication and application that business leaders then emphasise the importance of human capital as an asset in driving organisational aspirations.

To explore the prevalence and effectiveness of talent management strategies, leaders from 85 organisations were interviewed through online surveys and telephone interviews. This research paper summarises the resultant definition of talent and how this differs from potential. It considers the impact on assessment, and how organisations could take a more strategic approach to looking at talent.

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