Card sort excercise to understand personal values and what is important to individuals.

Reveal Each Individual’s Core Values

Assess the core and distinctive values of individuals and reveal the things that are critical to them, the things they expect within their team and environment, and what motivates them.

Create Discussion Around Values and Culture

Inspire discussion around the importance of values for cultural agility and clarity - how to utilise a values perspective when creating high-performing teams, or when creating the environment for success.

Learn How to Harness Values

Tailor learning and development to help individual and teams recognise their values, and what binds them as a team, and articulate what gives them clarity and purpose.

The BeTalent Values card sort exercise was scientifically researched and designed to identify the core values of an individual, enabling them to understand the level of alignment between their core principles and beliefs and the values of the team or organisation.

How does it work?

Users complete a digital card sort exercise and are asked to select from 18 values. The Digital Card Sort produces an interpretive report highlighting an individual’s five core values, the impact of potentially overplayed values and how to moderate them when in stressful or ambiguous situations.

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Reports and Card Sorts

The Values Digital Card Sort produces the following reports: Personal and Group. Prices vary.

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Louise Kiwanuka
Founder : Event Shaper

The Decision Styles tool has enabled us to get to grips with why members of the team may disagree when making decisions. This has been a game changer for us in the business and we are now able to view this diversity of opinions in a more positive light, resulting in a team that feels far more cohesive.

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