Inspiring Leader

Assessment designed to clarify the leadership style and impact of an individual.

Reveal Individual Leadership Style and Preferences

Assess the prominent leadership preferences of individuals to understand how people think and act when leading teams and businesses.

Understand How People Approach Leadership

Learn how individuals approach leadership; how they articulate their vision, how they work with colleagues, how they create followership and how they impact on colleagues.

Learn How to Harness their Leadership Style

Tailor learning and development to help leaders enhance their strengths and use them most effectively to inspire their people to succeed.

Accreditations for the BeTalent Inspiring Leader questionnaire are not currently being offered as we redesign the reports for this tool. In the meantime, we invite you to consider BeTalent Strengths, Decision Styles and Winning Attitude as alternative psychometric tools, or the BeTalent Inspiring Leader card sort to support your leadership development discussions.

The BeTalent Inspiring Leader card sort exercise and questionnaire were scientifically researched and designed to identify the core leadership preferences of an individual, enabling them to understand their presence and impact, and how they inspire others.

How does it work?

Users are presented with 11 pairs of picture cards representing the 11 leadership dimensions. The aim is to select their three core leadership preferences and use these to reflect on how they show up as a leader and understand their impact on team effectiveness.

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Craig Wymant
Global Head of Human Resources : London Stock Exchange

We have used the Strengths questionnaire and card sort exercise across the globe to identify the Strengths and potential gaps in the global leadership teams. It has helped us to understand what we enjoy doing at work, how we would like to work together, and how we could more effectively work with each other. It has changed the way we talk to each other and the tone of the conversation.

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