Blended 360

Multi-rater assessment to understand the potential and performance of individuals against organisational requirements.

Reveal Each Individual’s Capability

Assess the capability of individuals and reveal the areas in which they excel, how they are seen by their colleagues and the areas they could improve and develop.

Create Discussion Around Improvement and Potential

Inspire discussion around the capability requirements, the individual’s self-perception and beliefs, and their colleagues’ perspective and feedback. Explore how their perceptions impact their performance and potential.

Personalise Development Plans in Response to Feedback

Tailor learning and development solutions following 360 feedback to help individuals and teams enhance their strengths and use them most effectively.

Establish a Benchmark to Track Development Progress

Assess an individual’s or team’s current state at the start of a development programme or coaching relationship and measure their progress against the Blended 360 feedback over the course of the development plan.

The BeTalent Blended 360 is an agile and customisable tool that assesses up to 10 behaviours, skills and values selected from the BeTalent list of 102 talent and potential criteria at four levels (individual contributor, manager, leader and executive). It can also assess emotional intelligence, social intelligence, aspirations and engagement.

How does it work?

You choose the criteria by which delegates are assessed, in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives. Use the BeTalent card packs to help narrow the focus. Add delegates and raters manually, automatically or using a self-registration link. Monitor progress and send and download reports via the online dashboard.

Delegates and their raters complete a secure 15-minute questionnaire that includes standardised and qualitative questions. The automated report is fully interpretive, outlining the individual’s strengths, development areas, risks and differences in ratings between groups.

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Blended 360 Practitioner

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Reports and Card Sorts

The Blended 360 questionnaire produces a Personal report. Bespoke reports are available at extra charge.

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Ella Hashemi
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager : Forest and Land Scotland

I wanted to thank you for organising our external coaching. Having the chance to reflect on my strengths and where I can improve, and to reflect more broadly about working at FLS was really useful. I really appreciated going through the 360 process and coaching, and am grateful to you for organising this.


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