What do we do?

At Zircon we focus on the positives of psychology and work with organisations to embrace new, sometimes radical, ways of thinking to help solve business problems.

Why are we different?

At the forefront

Better decisions, leadership style, inclusion, hiring, evolving the culture, retaining the good or redirecting the misplaced. Zircon are an experienced team of HR Consultants, Coaches and qualified Psychologists who came together to make waves in the world of business.

Together with our clients, the Zircon team create a powerhouse of knowledge to take business performance to a new level. The mission - by using a defined methodology; analyse, challenge and design lasting programs of work that equips the leaders, managers and employees to be as progressive as the business vision.


Understanding the micro and macro challenges in a business to address; performance, improve diversity, collaboration or accountability within a company culture - is a science not an art. The BeTalent psychometric tool set, created by Zircon, gives a competitive edge to our clients. Verified by the British Psychological Society, BeTalent is scientifically proven to distil insights, measure success and enable sustainable results.


Building on insights and evidence-based research, Zircon delivers innovative and impactful programs that directly address the strategic objectives of the business and mitigates risk. Clients who are brave and bold will look beyond the standard offerings and discover a refreshing energy in the Zircon team.

Data is Precious

Zircon are fully committed to the highest standards and proudly achieved ISO 27001 in July 2022. The continued investment ensures strong controls and security of client data. As a direct reflection of our values, providing a dependable work approach is foundational in our service.

Zircon and the product suite BeTalent is a Microsoft house using the Azure platform, providing the flexibility to store data in a fully compliant, scalable and secure environment.

Clare Philips
HR Leader : IFS

Having experienced burnout the 4th episode of the Chief Psychology Officer has been so helpful in helping me understand my personal experience and how to overcome prolonged and acute stress. I have found all of the episodes excellent so far.


Zircon is a fast moving and adaptable talent management consultancy whose purpose is to help organisations grow, change and manage risk – developing talent strategy with a deep understanding of commercial context and aligning the management of talent with commercial objectives.




The BeTalent Suite

BeTalent hosts a suite of innovative, research-focused, rigorous assessment tools that are intuitive and accessible for our customers.




The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast is hosted by Dr Amanda Potter and with her colleagues they explore the topics of workplace psychology and conscious leadership.

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