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How can we Build Resilience and Avoid Burnout?

Publication Date: November 2020

With the challenges of working in these unstable and uncertain times, many leaders and executives are demonstrating a higher level of stress and a greater prevalence of burnout.

This research was consequently conducted to help understand how people feel on both a good and bad day and how their emotions impact their ability to cope with stress and difficulty at work. Our intention was to understand, articulate and find a simple way of assessing people’s level of resilience so that we could identify and build better coping strategies.

Every day we experience a myriad of emotions both good and bad, depending on the situation, people, and circumstances we face. Some days, it feels as though we just need to grit our teeth and struggle through the day, battling with the demands placed upon us, refusing to spend time thinking about the impact our actions have on the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Other days, we embark upon the day almost joyfully, looking forward to each event, attending to how we are feeling and recognising the impact we are making at work and for our customers, stakeholders, or clients.

Understanding how we can help people to be more resilient is critically important with such a large proportion of our working leaders experiencing burnout in their careers. This white paper starts to articulate the model we have created to help people be more aware, build up their level of resilience, and avoid burnout.

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Anushia Reddy
Global Talent Management : People and Culture Exec

Great podcast at the right time! It was particularly helpful to note that if chronic workplace stress is managed better this could prevent burnout and the consequences it has for people, business and society.


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