Lorraine Stamp
Executive Coach : Independent

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

I had the pleasure of attending the Resilience Accreditation Webinar yesterday and I just wanted to show my appreciation for such an amazing experience. I felt such a connection to everything that Amanda was talking about. The Neuroscience and Applied Positive Psychology information, knowledge and style of delivery was so relevant, stimulating and impactful. I know that this will be a tool of preference to utilise with my clients.

Craig Smith
Head of Learning & Talent : Babcock International

"Product: BeTalent Decision Styles"

Decision Styles is by far my favourite. I have found it to be extremely valid, and clearly describes each of the different styles of decision making. I believe that this is the right tool for the assessment of our future leaders. It works well in combination with the Strengths Questionnaire and is great for board development.

Dawn Lewis
HR Director : MGA Entertainment Ltd

"Product: BeTalent Decision Styles"

I am a big fan of the BeTalent Decision Styles questionnaire I use it a lot within my business, predominantly around development. My business was going through a huge period of growth and so it was a really useful tool which helped us to evaluate areas where we could draw upon people who were going to take us to the next level. BeTalent have given me the tools, skills and knowledge to keep developing my business on an ongoing basis.

Karen Roy
Senior Vice President of Clinical Marketing : Phlexglobal

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Excellent podcast - Burnout is so often something that is ignored until it is too late. Thank you!

Chalene Hanson
HR Director : Burberry

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Since moving into a HR Director role, I have been doing all I can to keep on top of specialist areas such as L&D, talent, people psychology etc and the Chief Psychology Officer podcast has given me lots of food for thought whilst allowing my inner geek to have a field day in secret!

I wanted to thank you for selecting the “Why good managers bully” topic and so thoughtfully sharing a range of perspectives, insights and case studies. I’ll definitely be sharing this with colleagues as a suggested “commuting listen”!

Michael Maddick
Director of People & Culture : The Children's Trust

"Product: BeTalent Strengths"

We have used the BeTalent Team tool with our Senior Leadership Team and People Leadership Team. The Team questionnaire is easy to use, time effective, easy to understand, and uses language that facilitates in-depth discussions at the team level. The tool and subsequent workshops have driven positive change with regards to how the team make decisions, now utilising a wide range of styles and approaches, and allowed us to plan according to our team strengths and potential limitations. Both the tool and company have made a positive impact on our senior leaders’ ability to support our children to live the best life possible.

Judith Moeckell
Global HR Consultant : JM Consulting

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Very thought provoking podcast Amanda. When I joined Shell my mentor said I hope you have one bad job assignment because if you are open to it you will learn far more from that one than all the other successful ones. I did and he was right I did learn.

Laura McLean
Strategic Talent HR : Santander

"Product: BeTalent Decision Styles"

Attending the Decision Styles course was truly transformative. It provided me with invaluable insights in my own decision making styles, and the discussions we took part in fundamentally shifting my perception of risk in decision making. I’m already applying what I’ve learned, resulting in greater success and improved relationships. The return on investment for the time spent is immeasurable, I highly recommend this course for any one in, or supporting executive leadership.

Richard Whale
Water Market Director : Atkins

"Team Development"

There was a real positive buzz in the market team yesterday evening, as a consequence of the fantastic insights we learned through your programme. I’m really pleased with the foundation we have and the opportunity to build an even stronger team through 2022.

Linda Litherland
Head of Learning and Development : University of East London

"Leadership Development"

At UEL, Amanda has been instrumental in supporting our senior leaders with having difficult and challenging conversations. She is engaging and excellent at building lasting relationships which get to the heart of an issue and recommend solutions. The BeTalent products and facilitation is proving to be invaluable and has improved the wellbeing and performance of the leadership and Dean cohort phenomenally.

Professor Mohammad M. Ali
Dean of Business and Law : University of East London

"Product: BeTalent Psychological Safety"

Psychological safety was not a new term for many of us at the RDSBL Leadership team, however, Zircon is helping us make this part and parcel of our culture. The work we are doing with Zircon is taking us through an important journey where the leadership team are feeling encouraged to share ideas and we are all discussing mistakes as learning opportunities. This clearly aligns with our institutional values of Courage, Diversity and Passion.

Catherine Green
Learning Business Partner : William Hill

"High Potential Development"

Thank you for hosting the Cognitive Diversity event, the feedback was brilliant! Here are just a few quotes: "I've loved this session and will be recommending it to my colleagues." "Amanda, you are a superb speaker. Very engaging." "I really enjoyed that, so knowledgeable and presented in non-academic terms" "Thank you, very interesting and insightful!" "Great session, thank you!". I wanted to thank you for sharing your research into diversity and for bringing it to life for our William Hill leaders and colleagues.

Kristen McNamara, Delynn Senna & UK GWEN
Senior Talent : Robert Half

"Product: BeTalent Psychological Safety"

Amanda, thank you so much to you and your team for delivering such an inspiring and insightful Psychological Safety session to our UK GWEN members. We really appreciate the time spent messaging something so important to our teams.

Ralph Campbell

"Product: BeTalent Psychological Safety"

Working with Tina and the BeTalent Psychological Safety Questionnaire has been critical for the Finance team to move forward to create an environment of psychological safety and towards our ambition to develop into a high performance team. The tool and materials are insightful and very user friendly. Tina’s facilitation ensured the team understood the concepts, created an environment where all team members were comfortable, brought the results to life and ensured the team have concrete actions.

Anushia Reddy
Global Talent Management : People and Culture Exec

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Great podcast at the right time! It was particularly helpful to note that if chronic workplace stress is managed better this could prevent burnout and the consequences it has for people, business and society.

Ella Hashemi
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager : Forest and Land Scotland

"Product: Blended 360"

I wanted to thank you for organising our external coaching. Having the chance to reflect on my strengths and where I can improve, and to reflect more broadly about working at FLS was really useful. I really appreciated going through the 360 process and coaching, and am grateful to you for organising this.

Helen Field
Senior Director : AtkinsRéalis

"Team Development"

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for yesterday – I have never seen the team connecting in that way before and it feels like we’ve just made a huge leap forward. I could not be happier with the way that it went and am really proud of the way the team opened up. You both have a real gift in creating a work environment in which people have the space to be themselves and feel safe doing so.

Steve Apps
Board Member : ABP

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

I'm loving these podcasts. I'm swapping between listening to you and listening to Louis Theroux!

Rob Parker
CEO : Topps Tiles

"Product: BeTalent Strengths"

We recently engaged in a virtual executive team exercise with Amanda and Zircon BeTalent which included the strengths card sort exercise. This was a great way of each member of the team showing what they valued in each of the other members and it also showed a really clear and consistent picture of what each member brings to the table with very clear themes highlighted in each case. It was a very effective way of getting everyone to open up and give a little of themselves in the spirit of building the team dynamic.

Tom Emery
Group HR Director : Brooks Macdonald

"Accreditation Training"

Psychological Safety and Resilience are great tools for me to use not only to nurture an ethos of self-awareness and resilience across our business, but to diagnose interesting aspects of culture that we can celebrate or improve. The BeTalent tools are accessible and simple to use, together with interesting and engaging accreditation sessions with the opportunity for discussion with likeminded peers. I’d highly recommend Zircon BeTalent’s products to anyone interested in improving organisational capability and culture.

Sarah Barrick
People Partner : Google

"Product: BeTalent Values (Card Sort Exercise)"

We recognise the importance of recruiting and retaining our most talented people who have the same values and aspirations as ours. The BeTalent system will help us to achieve this goal. In particular, I have been very impressed with how accurate the Values card sort is in assessing people’s values. I have found it very useful to open up conversations about values during the interview process, which can shorten the time required at assessment.

Beth Turner
Head of Learning and Development UK/UAE : Robert Half

"Product: Imposter Syndrome"

Amanda’s delivery was even more engaging and focuses on how she wants the audience to feel. The very poignant stories she told really set the scene, and the end story took the session from informative to extremely inspirational and hopeful.  Having set her stall out as someone who definitely has suffered from Imposter Syndrome early on in the session, to then demonstrate at the end that she categorically now doesn’t (in that area) was very powerful and gave a real sense of belief that we can change and challenge the messages we tell ourselves.

Craig Wymant
Global Head of Human Resources : London Stock Exchange

"Product: BeTalent Strengths"

We have used the Strengths questionnaire and card sort exercise across the globe to identify the Strengths and potential gaps in the global leadership teams. It has helped us to understand what we enjoy doing at work, how we would like to work together, and how we could more effectively work with each other. It has changed the way we talk to each other and the tone of the conversation.

Linda Litherland
Head of Learning and Development : University of East London

"Product: BeTalent Blended 360"

Thanks Amanda and team for making the process of tailoring, implementing, and administering the Blended 360 tool very straightforward. To tailor the tool to embody and encapsulate the essence of the values and culture of UEL was a rigorous and challenging process, so I was grateful for Amanda's support and challenge to ensure that we had the right mix of questions. The questionnaire was easy to complete but also thought provoking. They co-ordinated all of the one-to-one feedback sessions and produced a summary report of the overall themes. High praise was received from each of the participants.

Claire Dearman
Senior Talent Development Manager, : The Coventry Building Society

"Product: BeTalent Resilience"

Of all the BeTalent tools, Resilience was the first one I was accredited and the one that has made the most impactful change. The Amanda an the team run a fantastic accreditation session which leaves you fully immersed in resilience and raring to implement it in your business. Great addition to our Coventry Building Society leadership talent programmes.

Louise Kiwanuka
Founder : Event Shaper

"Product: BeTalent Decision Styles"

The Decision Styles tool has enabled us to get to grips with why members of the team may disagree when making decisions. This has been a game changer for us in the business and we are now able to view this diversity of opinions in a more positive light, resulting in a team that feels far more cohesive.

Clare Philips
HR Leader : IFS

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Having experienced burnout the 4th episode of the Chief Psychology Officer has been so helpful in helping me understand my personal experience and how to overcome prolonged and acute stress. I have found all of the episodes excellent so far.

Helen Averill
Manager Clergy Transitions Service : National Church Institutions

"Product: BeTalent Resilience"

I have used the Resilience Questionnaire and Card Sort to great effect with individuals and teams. The tools encourage self-reflection and enable informed thinking about resilience strengths and development areas. By building awareness and offering insights into how to grow resilience the questionnaires and the report that is generated provide real benefit and can be a great way to develop great conversations of benefit to the client and coach.

Jackie Roberts
Executive Coach : Self-employed

"Podcast: Resilient Leadership and Adversity"

It has certainly provided me with some focus for working with clients in the future around their resilience and how they are using their leadership style to effectively manage concerns of staff internally as well as dealing with wider organisational challenges. Particularly in a way that they are more aware of the risks of their own potential fatal flaws in the way they manage these new additional challenges that may come, which if gone unchecked could undermine what they are seeking to achieve when not consciously addressed.

Charmian Todd
Exec Coach and Mentor : The Real Work Company Ltd

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Really well done Amanda, all four podcasts are I think are essential listening. You have done an incredible job of unpacking difficult/complex topics with deep expertise, honesty and compassion and made it understandable, relatable and richly informative. That's generosity, thank you. Looking forward to the next one!

Julie Stayte
Chief People Officer : Personal Group

"Podcast: Resilient Leadership and Adversity"

Resilience and adaptability are much needed leadership traits in many situations, but more so right now. I’m also reflecting on the great work we've done in the Psychological Safety space, I’m finding it more critical than ever to create safe environments for people to operate in, to enable challenge/courageous conversations to take place.

Claire Dearman
Senior Talent Development Manager : The Coventry Building Society

"Assessment for Recruitment"

Massive thanks to Amanda and team for working with myself and senior leaders from across our business to identify and create our new Leadership Capabilities. The ‘Blueprint’ provided a great approach to understanding what brilliance looks like in our leaders and the Zircon BeTalent team made the whole process simple and impactful.

Michael Durrant
Senior HR Manager - Talent : Santander

"Product: BeTalent Talent Fit"

Talent Fit has brought a different perspective to way we talk about, find, support, develop and grow our talent. The ambiguity around what talent and potential is has been demystified with clear, purposeful links to organisation wide vision, goals and strategy. But, perhaps more importantly are the team behind the product. Amanda and her entire team simplify the sometimes complex world of occupational psychology. Their personal, human centred approach ensures you get a business that understands you, your organisation and works with you to deliver great outcomes that support the bottom line.

Sylvana Storey
Member of IAS Development Board : Durham University

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

An all round great delve into the arena of psychological safety (ps). Dr Amanda Potter explores neuroplasticity, cognitive diversity, and inclusion and succinctly links research in learning, failure, interpersonal risk, ideation, innovation, toxicity, conflict, collaboration, trust, emotional intelligence and wellbeing to ps. Relevant real life case studies also demonstrate how ps manifest in organisations.

Emma Greggains
Psychologist : Independent

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

I am really enjoying your podcasts, Amanda. Such a great balance of content and personal stories which brings the subject matter to life. Thank you!

Ceri Connor
Associate Director of People and OD : University Hospital Southampton

"Product: BeTalent Team"

For a number of years across multiple companies, I have used the BeTalent Team questionnaire alongside Strengths and Decision Styles. The team found that the insight they gained into their preferred ways operating as a team was invaluable and really helped them to understand how to maximise their work with each other, and how to draw on each other’s strengths to collaborate more effectively and in turn get improved results. They have developed a much improved understanding of each other and feel much more engaged as a team.

Mauricio de Jong Oliveira
Business Operations Specialist, EMEA : London Stock Exchange Group

"Team Development"

Dr Amanda Potter and the BeTalent developed a L&D programme for a group of EMEA leaders within LSEG, where we were able to assess the team’s resilience, strengths, psychological safety and values. The tools developed by Zircon go beyond the strengths and weaknesses; they generate insightful strengths results, risk and threats.

Victoria Campoamor
Senior Director, Content Operations & Services : Spotify

"The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast"

Really enjoyed this podcast by the great Dr Amanda Potter CPsychol. With everything that's going on in the world, we all need to build up on our resilience. Great series! 

Steve Hill
Director of Operations : Purdey

"Product: BeTalent Strengths"

Strengths based coaching and facilitation using the BeTalent Strengths questionnaire has substantially impacted and helped raise the standards of the teams in the GE Power and Purdey factories. The strengths tool has been truly remarkable at getting to the heart of issues and understanding what energises the team. It is refreshing to focus on what works, rather than what is broken.

Andrew Shepherd
CEO : Brooks Macdonald

"Assessment for Recruitment"

Working with Zircon in revolutionising our assessment approach is changing the way the business is thinking about diversity and inclusion. This was totally new to Brooks Macdonald but after engaging with Zircon and giving our business leaders ownership of delivering the process, it has set the standard for what good recruitment looks like. Not only has it delivered everything we wanted, it has identified the proactive steps needed to create a more culturally inclusive organisation.

Catherine Hall
Business Change Manager : Environment Agency

"Leadership Development"

Zircon offered a technology and scientific solution that was so much more robust than EA were expecting. The evidence from further projects and work streams is now connecting back to that initial research and evidence conducted by Zircon.

Kat Bracewell
Minister : Windsor Baptist Church

"Product: BeTalent Psychological Safety"

We used the Psychological Safety questionnaire in a church setting, to help us get a realistic assessment of the health of our leadership team and how we function together. Using a 'tool' meant we swiftly got to the heart of issues that would have otherwise taken a long time to reach. We were reassured and encouraged by so much of what we learnt, and felt on a good foundation to take further steps forward.

Michael Maddick
Director of People & Culture : The Children’s Trust

"BeTalent Product: Strengths"

We have used the questionnaire and card sort for our executive team events, and for workshops run across our business. The questionnaire gives great insight into what people enjoy at work and where they spend their time. It helps colleagues to understand how they show up as a colleague or leader. The cards are great in a team event, I particularly like the “gifting” exercise where everyone offers one card to a colleague and says why they appreciate that strength. A fabulous exercise and very motivating for all.

Mauricio de Jong Oliveira
Business Operations Specialist, EMEA : London Stock Exchange Group

"Product: BeTalent Team"

In a team setting, the BeTalent products empowered us to have a combined view of our collective strengths and risks and gaps. That created the foundations for us to focus our Leadership L&D efforts in areas where we will have the most impact. I strongly recommend the BeTalent tools, support and delivery. Insightful, reliable and professional.

Dr Jo Jolly
Deputy Director and Project Sponsor of the Behavioural Diagnostics project : Environment Agency

"Team Development"

In our initial scoping discussion to design the depth and breadth of the framework project, Zircon BeTalent asked us a great question. They said, as a client, how brave do you want to be? I said, very.


The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast is hosted by Dr Amanda Potter and her long-time co-Director Tim Hepworth to explore the topics of workplace psychology and conscious leadership.

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