Assessment to understand personal strengths and how individuals are energised by their strengths.

Reveal Each Individual’s Core Strengths

Assess the core and distinctive strengths of individuals and reveal the things they’re great at, the things they really enjoy and the things that give them energy.

Create Discussion Around Improvement

Inspire discussion around the effective use of personal strengths – how to utilise strengths when interacting with colleagues and how overusing or underusing strengths might impact performance.

Learn How to Harness Strengths

Tailor learning and development to help individual and teams enhance their strengths and use them most effectively.

The BeTalent Strengths questionnaire was scientifically researched and designed to assess the core and distinctive strengths of an individual. It identifies what drives and energises people at work.

How does it work?

Users complete a secure 20-minute questionnaire or 15-minute card sort exercise and are asked to rate themselves against the 28 strengths. Full interpretive reports highlight the impact of potentially overused/underused strengths and how to moderate them when working under conditions of pressure or stress.


The Strengths Questionnaire produces the following interpretive reports: Personal, Expert, Summary, Group and Sub-Group. Prices vary.

The Strengths Digital Card Sort produces a Personal report.

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Monika Faessle
Psychologist : Self-employed

Amanda, this is again a highly informative and thought-provoking podcast which I highly recommend to any leader. Especially in times of change and pressure that we are currently facing to a high extent, living the concept of psychological safety appears to be more of a challenge. In my observation, many organisations strive for perceived safety in an attempt to preserve tested approaches and to secure predictable outcomes. Mistakes are to be avoided wherever possible. Therefore, identifying failure as an essential prerequisite of learning and ultimately success should be an essential mind changer. Providing an environment of psychological safety that allows for learning from mistakes and that fosters innovation as a result, will be one of the essential variables for future success.

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