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Kate Bucukoglu

Trainee Business Psychologist

Core Strengths: Composed, Compassionate, Networker.

Kate joined Zircon in 2019 as a placement student. Before joining, she worked in both customer service and supervisor roles within the events, retail and food industries. Kate worked two summer’s at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where her role involved promoting shows to the public and building relationships with acts to ensure their needs were met during the month. She has also worked at her University Union as a retail assistant and duty supervisor.

Kate is currently studying a BSc in Applied Psychology at the University of Kent. Alongside this, Kate was a member of her University ‘Raise and Give’ society, where she was involved in raising money for various charities through bucket collections as well as being a Canterbury Nightline volunteer. Kate found a specific interest in Business Psychology during an internship at a leading psychometrics company, which has given her insight into the development and analysis of psychometric tools. Following on from her undergraduate degree, she hopes to embark on an MSc in Business Psychology.

Telephone number: 020 8645 0222

Email address: kate.bucukoglu@zircon-mc.co.uk

LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/katebucukogluzircon

UK, Netherlands and USA
   +44 208 645 0222