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Caitlin Cooper BA (Hons), MSc

Business Psychologist

Core Strengths: Composed, Methodical, Fair.

Caitlin joined Zircon in 2019 whilst finishing her Master’s degree in Occupational and Business Psychology, at Kingston University. Her dissertation project investigated, through a qualitative approach, the factors affecting the implementation of employee health and well-being practices in sedentary office-based work environments.

Caitlin has gained experience working in the Oil and Gas industry, where she was responsible for conducting research on HSE training programs, conducting in-depth analysis and review, assessing the demonstration of effective safety culture. She has also gained several years of experience working in the hospitality industry.

Since joining Zircon, Caitlin is accredited and qualified to use the Strengths Insight, Culture Fit, Winning Attitude and Decision Styles. She has also been assisting with various elements of our client projects and assisted with the development of our BeTalent products.

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