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Tim Hepworth BSc (Hons)

Technical Innovation Director

Core Strengths: Risk Taker, Decisive and Fair.

Tim's skills lie in the design and development of complex business systems. He brings a pragmatic approach to problem solving, and will deliver high quality solutions that provide actual business benefits. Creating functional, scalable systems that users love to work with, is Tim's stock-in trade.

Tim holds a BSc (hons) degree in Computer Science. Having worked for some of the World's largest IT companies, Tim was Technical Director of a start-up internet job board, Europe's first flotation on NASDAQ for $100m.

Testimonial: As a technical mastermind, Tim is critical to our success. Known for creating innovative platforms, portals and tools with ease, he exceeds client expectations and is exceptionally responsive to needs. Taking a practical approach, he implements the appropriate resources to drive our business forward” Dr Amanda Potter, CEO, Zircon and BeTalent

Telephone number: 020 8645 0222

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LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/timhepworthzircon

UK, Netherlands and USA
   +44 208 645 0222