Abigail Sainty

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Trainee Business Psychologist

Core Strengths: Positive, Enabling, Methodical.

Abigail joined Zircon in October 2017 having successfully obtained a one-year placement. Prior to working at Zircon, Abigail worked in a range of customer service roles, both in support and event management roles. She recently completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire.

During her time at university, Abigail also gained invaluable psychological research experience. She completed a study exploring the predictive factors of physical activity in young adults. She used this in order to implement strategies and policies to improve health outcomes. Using her knowledge of SPSS and Microsoft Office suites, she is involved in the validation of psychometric scales and aids in the delivery of client projects, ensuring that they are administrated effectively.

Abigail is qualified to use Strengths Insight, Culture Fit, Winning Attitude and Decision Styles and is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.

Testimonial: “Abigail has joined us for a placement year after completing her degree at the University of Hertfordshire. Since joining the team, she has been keen to learn how Zircon supports its clients. She is a positive and committed member of the team. Her curiosity and interest in the application of psychology has been key in the high standard of work that she produces.” Helen Bradbury, Business Psychologist, BeTalent and Zircon

Telephone: 020 8645 0222

Email address: Abigail.sainty@zircon-mc.co.uk

UK, Netherlands and USA
   +44 208 645 0222