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Insurance Talent Assessment Project



There was a business requirement within HSBC Insurance UK to conduct a review of the organisational design of the Sales Development Function.



To identify 2 new roles within the team, and then assess the potential and performance of the current sales force, in order to identify their suitability for the new roles.



Zircon provided a comprehensive proposal which suggested a clear understanding of the Client’s requirements. Weekly conference calls for the Project Management team which were arranged and lead by Zircon, where meeting agendas and papers were circulated beforehand and minutes of meetings including responsibilities, actions and timescales were circulated afterwards. Throughout the process, meetings were well planned, organised and structured to gain maximum output from the time available.



Since the implementation of the Wealth Business Development Manager (WBDM) model there has been an average increase of 12% pure growth in sales across the network on Insurance products and a 21% increase in value and 22% increase in volume of sales from coached individuals (by WBDM's) compared to colleagues that have not been coached by a WBDM.



“We used Zircon to support our transformational change program of demising one set of roles and replacing with another. Zircon helped with the design and execution of the multifaceted program to assess and appoint candidates into the 30 new roles. Zircon also supported individual coaching for both successful and unsuccessful candidates based upon the results of the assessments. In my view, Zircon added very significant value in the program and were key to us achieving a very successful outcome. They were creative, flexible and professional throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.” Ian Martin, Head of Manufacturing and Partnerships, HSBC Insurance

“Dr Amanda Potter works in a detailed and conscientious way to understand the, often complex, needs of her clients in order to deliver a business focused solution. She and her team provide regular updates and guidance and all of their activities have been completed to a high standard within the agreed timelines. Amanda has been involved in a challenging restructure and she has provided very valuable support personally, despite a broken leg(!) and this has meant that we have been able to make informed decisions. Thank you” James Allardice Head of Sales Development, HSBC Insurance

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