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Senior Level Talent Assessments



Royal London contacted us to undertake ongoing talent assessments for internal succession, planning, personal development and talent programme placement



The process involved working with Royal London to evolve and validate their assessment methodologies; utilising their internal talent frameworks and applying principles of high potential to interview techniques. The senior leader assessments are three-hour long executive style assessments incorporating the use of the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey, the Motives, Values Personality Inventory and the SHL verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests. Royal London employ a strengths approach, which requires the report and feedback process to include discussions around strengths, permissible weaknesses and capability to deliver expert roles in areas of scarce market talent.



The process consists of a personal report which identifies talent outcomes at three levels and opportunities for development. Both internal and external candidates are offered the opportunity for a feedback and development conversation.



Between June 2014 and July 2016 we have conducted 73 individual talent assessments across the UK, against the strict SLA delivery times agreed by both organisations. We will continue to work with Royal London within this project.



“The BeTalent® Team Tool has helped us at Royal London better understand the existing culture within teams their strengths and where to develop. It has helped us create a climate for open dialogue, so we can understand how well we align with our values, how our teams perform together and how we interact” Jennifer Rhule, Head of OD

“I engaged with Amanda and Zircon through a colleague who had worked with her previously. I found working with everyone at Zircon very easy. They quickly understood our requirements, our language and the models we already work with to deliver the results we needed. Amanda and her team managed the project very efficiently and gave us useful insight. Our leaders were positive about the facilitators who worked with them and felt they acted very much as an extension to Royal London. Thank you to the team.” Carolyn Leitch Lead, Organisational Development Consultant

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