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Richard Cooper BSc (Hons), MSc MBPsS

Business Psychologist

Core Strengths: Evaluative, Flexible and Composed.

Richard is a Business Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. Through the development of individuals, teams and effective people processes he has supported a wide range of organisations in improving their performance. He has designed and delivered a large range of projects involving management and leadership development, performance management, selection and assessment and customer service development.

With a background in retail, Richard held store management, training and organization development roles. During this time he gained a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the Open University and an MSc in Organisational Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire. With this background Richard brings a pragmatic and customer focused approach to the application of psychology in the work place.

Richard is trained to use a number of psychometric tests including: Strengths Insight, Culture Fit, Decision Styles, 16pf, MBTI, NEO-PI-R, Hogan, OPQ, Firo-B and Wave. He is also an Associate Lecturer at the Open University.

Testimonial: Richard has worked with Sarah and myself for the past 10 years and has been a critical member of the team. His knowledge of Psychology is second to none, and he brings both rigour and best practice discipline to his work”. Dr Amanda Potter, CEO, BeTalent and Zircon

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